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Young Mi Lee

이 영미


                  My art is my life 

 My technique includes the use of vibrant colors, simplification of forms, emphasis on contrasts, flattening of perspective, and a contrast of light and shade- to depict a reality that you would otherwise miss. I use strong texture and even real gold to capture the character and emotion that the picture feels with its painted forms.

Realistic, but brighter. Impressionistic, but recognizable. Made to grab your eye and heart. The visions I paint inspire emotions when I get it right. I paint for, mostly, happy emotions; but primal emotions erupt from the colors, the vegetation, and the animals, too. It is gratifying to engender the emotions I feel in the pictures I paint, which is a reflection of my enriched life experience and my love of the natural world and its landscape to explore in the context of still life. My painting has viewpoints, which are personal and intimate with the subject submerged in its quiet beauty.



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