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        My life is my art

​I spent my middle and high school years in Osaka, Japan.  I returned to Seoul Korea. Now, I have been in Austin,Texas. I get a lot of inspiration from different cultures.

Turning to fine art has changed my life.

The visions I paint inspire emotions when I get it right.  I paint for, mostly, happy emotions; but primal emotions erupt from the colors, the vegetation, the animals, too.  It is gratifying to engender the emotions I feel in the pictures I paint!

I wish my drawings to be viewed as they are and the viewers to be comfortable viewing them.  Occasionally I enjoy expressing my faint memory and imagination in my quirky paintings.

My art means everything to me in my life. That is why I hope my dream will go on forever.













   Bachelor of Arts - College of Fine Arts, Ewha Woman's University, Seoul, Korea


   Solo Exhibitions

   4 times  Solo Exhibition, Seoul, Korea

   2010   "2010 Calendar"  Export-Import Bank of Korea


   Grants & Award

   Selected in the 19th Grand Art Exhibition of Korea, National Museum of Contemporary Art,                   Seoul, Korea, and several art contests


   Other Group Exhibitions, Art Fair & Festivals

   2018    SCOPE Miami Beach 2018, Florida, U.S.A

   2016    SOAF2016 in Seoul, KOEX, Seoul, Korea

   2014    International Festival Sarajevo "Sarajevo Winter 2014", Sarajevo, Bosnia

   2012    “Unspoken Message”, Emma Gallery, Elga Wimmer PCC, New York City, U.S.A                  2011   “Memory”, Emma Gallery - Elga Wimmer PCC, New York, U.S.A

   2010    Korean Pastel Painting Assoc. The exhibition, At Busan National Museum of art,

               Busan, Korea  

              The XXIV International Festival Sarajevo "Sarajevo Winter 2008", Turkey Culture Center,

               Sarajevo, Bosnia

               Crossover 2008 Istanbul Invitational Exhibition, Piramid Art Center, Istanbul, Turkey

               Daegu Art Festival at Daegu Art Culture Center, Daegu, Korea

               Korean Pastel Painting Association Exhibition, Seoul, Korea

               Korea-China Modern Arts Exhibition, National Museum of Art, Deoksugung, Seoul, Korea

               Contemporary Women Artist Association Exhibition, Yigallery, Seoul Seongdong Fine Art 

               Association Exhibition, Sowell Art Hall, Seoul

               Korean Pastel Painting Association Exhibition, Seoul, Korea.

               Korea Contemporary Artists in New Zealand and Korea, Aotea Center Museum,    

               Auckland, New Zealand. 

               Korea Professional Artist Association Exhibition, Sejong Center for the Performing 

               Arts, Seoul

               KPAA Asia Art Exhibition, Se-jong Center for the Performing Art, Seoul, Korea.

               K.A.F 2005, Se-jong Center for the Performing Arts, Seoul, Korea.

               Ewha Exhibition, Se-Jong Center For The Performing Arts, Seoul, Korea.

               Nanoom Exhibition, Gallery All, Seoul, Korea.

               Korean Fine Arts Association Exhibition, Seoul Arts Center, Seoul, Korea

               KPAA Korea Art Exhibition, Se-jong Center for the Performing Art, Seoul

               Korea Professional Artist Association Exhibition, Se-jong Center for the Performing Arts, 

               Seoul & POSCO Gallery, Pohang, Korea

               Korea Professional Artist Assoc. Exhibition, Se-Jong Center for the  Performing Arts,Seoul,  


               Gallery Art Fair Chohyung Gallery, Seoul, Korea

               Calendar Exhibition, Chohyung Gallery, Seoul, Korea

               Gallery Art Fair 2001, Chohyung Gallery, Seoul, Korea

               21C Korea Art Today and Tomorrow at AnKuk Gallery, Seoul, Korea

               Artistic Expression and Utterance Exhibition, Daerim Gallery, Seoul, Korea

               The 21th Century Art Exhibition for Paradigm Transition, Han Seo Gallery,

               The Korea-Japan Art Creation Exhibit, Museum of Fine Arts, Seoul, Korea

   1998    The Korea-Japan Art Creation Exhibition, Kubota Gallery, Tokyo, Japan.










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